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The place to learn more about hypnotherapy, psychic readings, and the benefits available to you.  I am Brenda Hall Hypnotherapist and Psychic Medium and my life is dedicated to helping people in mind, body, and spirit.

In preparation for this journey I acquired education from world renowned institutes specializing in clinical hypnotherapy and spiritual hypnosis.  

Born in California with innate psychic abilities, I became aware of this special sight in childhood.  I experienced a sense or a knowing about certain things, especially people. Eventually this latent ability matured, unintentionally, through the practice of hypnosis.

I relocated to Saskatchewan in 2009 to join my husband, a retired police officer with 20 years in service to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.  Along with my relocation I brought hypnotherapy and psychic services to the prairies.

Thank you for visiting my website, be well, and live how you want to be remembered!
Achieve your goals with hypnotherapy!  Hypnotherapy is a safe, powerful, and natural way to make positive changes in your life. The ancient tool of hypnosis has been used for thousands of years and hypnotherapy is the modern method of applying this amazing tool.  Click here for more details... Explore your spiritual connections with a psychic reading!  A psychic reading is a personal and unique experience.  Using my natural abilities to receive information through psychic channels, I tap into the energy of your life and the lives of others to provide insight and understanding.  Click here for more details...

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